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Betsy Johnson | Anchor Fifty Two | Maryland | Paper Goods Invitation Stationery Designer
Betsy Johnson | Anchor Fifty Two | Maryland | Paper Goods Invitation Stationery Designer

Hello love!
I’m Betsy Johnson, the heart, stationery designer, and hand-letterer behind Anchor Fifty Two.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved paper of all kinds and gifting personalized treasures. Anchor Fifty Two was created to provide you heartfelt custom wedding and social stationery as well as hand-lettered goods.

Anchor Fifty Two is steered by faith and guided with grace in hopes to provide you with pretty paper goods and stationery that are not only useful in your everyday life but also provides timeless keepsake pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

Once I decided to take the leap of faith and create Anchor Fifty Two, I knew that I did not want to steer away from the beliefs or passions that I have always held strong.

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The name needed to be personal and timeless
just like the gifts I love to give.

Through answered prayers, the name “Anchor Fifty Two” was born. Being a big dreamer, I wanted to ensure that I always stayed Anchored and lived out His mission. Also being a lover of love, especially my own personal love story, it was important to honor that in some way. My husband and I were married on May second. Just as I get to live life alongside my husband in love, when the two numbers five [the number representation of the month of May] and two [the day of the month we married] are placed together, they stand strong next to each other [like husband and wife] to create one number Fifty Two. That my friend, is how the name Anchor Fifty Two came to life.

Johnson Family | Anchor Fifty Two | Maryland | Paper Goods Invitation Stationery Designer

Meet the family behind the brand!
Every moment I get; you will find me hanging with my crazy crew you see here.

I was blessed early in life to meet my soulmate, Alonzo. For the past sixteen plus years, he has kept me anchored and is truly my better half. Just like a captain of a ship, Alonzo safely navigates me through life and business.
Then there is our future creative entrepreneur, all-star cheerleader, Alana Rose. Each year, she keeps us traveling the East Coast, six out of the eleven-month cheer season attending multiple competitions each month. (My favorite are the ones that are on the beach, no surprise there right?!) Alana encourages me to take risks and do things I wouldn’t otherwise think I could. She is always right there with me to try new things and go outside of my creative comfort zone.  
Last but most definitely not least are Aspen and Loki, our two rescue huskies. They fill our hearts and keep us on our toes. Aspen is our brown Siberian Mix who provides more love and protection than we ever imagined (OK and endless amounts of energy too). Loki is our black Malamute who is the most talkative, laid back pup we have ever met.
Without these four, I would truly be lost at sea with no land in sight.

Oh hey! You are still here (YAY!). It means so much to me that you have taken time out of your day to explore the site and get to know us better. I hope our relationship doesn’t stop here though. I would love to get to know you more too. Drop me a note and let’s connect.